What Are Warm and Cool Colors?

I’ve had several people ask me about how I blend my colors without the colors coming out muddy. That is an excellent question. Three things to remember: Know which colors are warm colors and cool colors. Know which colors not to blend together at the same time. Allow drying time between the layers of warm and cool colors. I recommend downloading or purchasing a color wheel as a guide.

Often times I get asked what is my favorite color. Asking a painter or crafter what their favorite color is, is like asking a book worm what their favorite book is. There usually isn’t just one favorite color or book. If we broke it down to cool and warm colors, I would have to say that currently Magenta and Lake Blue are the colors of choice for a few of my current projects. Having said. Lately I have been working a lot with Blues, and Greens. They represent Earth, Ocean and Sky.

If you’re unsure about what colors you want to start painting with, a good idea is to go for a walk and observe the colors around you. What colors are your eyes drawn to? If you are not able to go out-doors, pick up a magazine or look at your surroundings and observe the colors. Soon you will begin to notice depth and patterns for inspiration.

What are cool colors?

Greens, Blues, and Purples are considered cool colors with variations. Blue is the only primary color in the cool category.

What are warm colors?

Reds, Oranges and Yellows are considered warm colors. Red and Yellow are primary colors.

Once you learn how they react to each other, you will be able to create wonderful depth with the colors.

When working with colors-especially acrylic paint-it is always best to have White paint on hand. If the color you are working with is too vibrant-like an Orange color-you can add a little white to it to soften the hue.

In the near future, I will talk about neutral colors.

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Have a beautiful, creative weekend!

Stephanie Hopkins

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