ICAD 2021 Challenge Part VIII

I’m thrilled to be sharing with you all this week’s ICAD’s. The abbreviation ICAD means, “Index Card A Day.” This challenge was created a few years ago by artist Tammy and her challenge has really grown over the years. Below, is her IG account where you can find out more about her and her art.

Day 51

We are getting close to the home stretch of this challenge and I must say I’ve enjoyed it a great deal! I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to store the cards and I usually go with an acid free photo box to store my little creations. Right now, they are sitting in a ceramic basket on my bookshelf. I might keep them there for a while. I love walking by and stopping to take a look at them.

This week’s cards are days 48-54

Which one is your favorite? ICAD 2021 Challenge Part I/ICAD 2021 Challenge Part II/ ICAD 2021 Challenge Part III/ICAD 2021 Challenge Part IV/ICAD 2021 Challenge Part VICAD 2021 Challenge Part VI/ICAD 2021 Challenge Part VII

Tammy IG @gypsy999

I look forward to sharing the rest of this week’s challenge and the following week with you next Saturday! My wish is for you to be inspired and encouraged. Have a blessed weekend! -Stephanie Hopkins

Check out my art journey on Instagram and at my Mixed Media Art Gallery here at Layered Pages!


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