A Doodle Of Calmness

Doodle master board I EditedGosh, my second blog post. I never do this but wanted to share something. It has been an exhausting work day and I’ve been in a doodling mood so I created a Doodle Master Board. I will use this for various projects. This is not my best work but given how tired I am, it will have to do and it really gave me a sense of calm. I’m going to be slow stitching later on this evening if I can keep my eyes open long enough. Ha!

I don’t know why but I thought of a poem by William Shakespeare, ‘Full Fathom Five’ doodling this. Maybe because it was the thought of sea-change or something like that. Yes, I’m a bit strange. -Stephanie

Full fathom five thy father lies;

Of his bones are coral made;

Those are pearls that were his eyes:

Nothing of him that doth fade,

But doth suffer a sea-change

Into something rich and strange.

Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:


Hark! now I hear them—Ding-dong, bell.

Supplies used: Tim Holtz Distress Crayons, Tombow Acid Free Brush Pens, Sharpie White Poster Paint Marker, Folk Art and Deco Art Acrylic Paint, baby wipes, Stampabilities Brushed Stripe Background Stamp, Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Painters Tape and Canson Illustration Mixed Media Paper. Can’t wait to see what projects I use this piece with. Master Board meas I will be cutting it down to different sizes to meet my needs.

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