Saturday Sunday: The Mighty Smash Book

Often times traditional scrapbooks or journaling entail lots of expensive supplies, planning and aren’t always easily travel friendly. With smash books and glue books, you can just paint, glue, draw, doodle, write on the go and keep all your thoughts and memories with you without all the fuss of supplies. For your books, you can use old books, little notebooks, note pads, mix media pads of any size and so on…. anything you choose. You can even make your own smash book/glue book out of your own pages. It is that simple. You can even glue up-cycle envelopes to your pages to add your notes and thoughts on paper. For travel adhesive I recommend glue sticks. No mess and no fuss. As I say a lot, “The skies the limit.” I also use smash books for my master boards.

I have different sizes of smash books and glue books. Some are not finished; some are complete or some I will just keep adding to. They don’t have to be themed, or they can be. They can be random things you love or random things you don’t like so much. Anything goes. They are so much fun and you’ll enjoy them always. If you don’t have a lot of supplies to scrapbook the traditional way, I highly recommend you use this method. Below is a bigger size book I started in the beginning of February. This particular smash book will stay home.

Supplies you can use you probably already have:



Junk Mail

Old Books

Old Wrapping Paper

Note book Paper

Wrapping Tissue Paper

Spiral Notebooks

Card Board from your groceries


Your pictures



Your kid’s old paints





Mini Watercolors kits for painting are great for travel and you just need one brush and a little water. I have one of those brushes that you can fill with water. So cool!

These are just the start of what you can use…

Don’t think about it, just get started and create. Make it your own. -Stephanie

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