We Hold The Paint Brush

A Paint Brush

“Life itself is just a thin coat of paint on the planet, and we hold the paint brush.”-Daniel Dennett

My latest creation-Stephanie Hopkins

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Images may be subjected to copyright. All book reviews, interviews, guest posts, art work, photos and promotions are originals. In order to use any text or pictures from Layered Pages, please ask for permission from Stephanie.


2 thoughts on “We Hold The Paint Brush

  1. I love your creative posts, Stephanie. They are very inspiring. I know I don’t often comment, but I always take a peek when your latest pops into my Inbox. I did Art & Design at college and used to go oil painting, but with current family responsibilities and a writing career the artist in me has taken a back seat for now. This post reminded me of something one of my Great-Aunts once said to me (she is in her 80’s) that ‘the world is a rainbow’. It also made me think of another old adage that ‘life is a canvas’ and we paint our own pictures. Beautiful sentiments. Thank you for sharing, Elaine x

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    • Thank you, Elaine! That means the world to me to hear that. How cool that you took Art & Design! Oil Painting is a medium I haven’t worked with but I’ve always been fascinated and curious about it. I totally understand about responsibilities getting in the way. Sometimes I only have twenty to thirty minutes here and there to create anything. Though I feel without art in my life, I would be lost. How neat that this post reminded you of what your Great Aunt said! She is right!

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