Art in Motion: Flower Vase Paintings

Original Panting by Stephanie Hopkins

Impressionism flowers are up there with my favorite art subjects to paint. Its emphasis on movement with small brush strokes fascinate me on several levels.  Claude Monet’s art work comes to mind when I think of Impressionism. In short, his use of color, movement and perception of nature is extraordinary.

Since abstraction painting is my main study, I like to infuse abstract with impressionism when creating flowers. I’m always amazed where the journey takes me and the discoveries I make along the way. Each piece I create gives me inspiration beyond anything I thought possible for me. Not only that, but the results give one confidence and assurance that creating art does matter for one’s growth and well-being in life.

These cards represent abstraction, impressionism and realism. – Stephanie Hopkins

Original Panting by Stephanie Hopkins

Be sure to check out my art journey on Instagram and at my Mixed Media Art gallery here at Layered Pages! My wish is for you to be inspired and encouraged.

Original Artwork by Stephanie Hopkins

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