Simply In The Moment

Flower by Me

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Last night I started a new painting for one of my Smash Books and it occurred to me that I use a lot of blues and greens. Why am I so engaged to these colors, I ask myself? How do I feel when painting with the many shades of these colors?

Blues and greens remind me of the ocean and sky which I’m extremely in awe of both. These colors are calming to me and give me a sense of deep thought and gives depth and meaning in many areas of our lives. These colors surround us and has many powers. I often think about the many colors our maker in heaven has given us and why.

Lately I have been using the many shades of blues and greens in my projects more often, sometimes without realizing it until I take a step back from my art to observe. Most of my art is this way. That is probably why I create smash books and master boards often. You’re simply in the moment. Yet your expressing your inner thoughts without putting much thought into the process. It’s an extraordinary feeling, I think. -Stephanie


-Art piece created by Stephanie Hopkins

(All book reviews, interviews, guest posts, art work, poems and promotions are originals. In order to use any texts or pictures from Layered Pages, please ask for permission from Stephanie Hopkins, owner of Layered Pages.)

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