Creative Process

Last week I did a Master Board Challenge using these 19th Century images with a blend of my own art images. The board came out interesting with my abstract painting and pieces from my other boards. I love the floral papers from this challenge. This particular board wasn’t really organized since I felt I would be cutting it up into another project or two…I love creating old images with the new and exploring with stories those layers tell.


For this art project I chose to use the girl on canvas. A friend of mine gave me a couple ideas for the remaining maser board pieces that I will be creating with soon.


One major process I learned with this project is that I should have added color to the paste before applying to the canvas. The bricks turned out a little too dark for my taste. Also, this one the first time I experimented with alcohol inks on canvas and adding it to grit-paste.

Girl on CanvasWith the collage part, I started inward and worked outward, using a lot of layers and I wanted to give the illusion of an old building that’s facing was slowing peeling away with time. To put the final touch on this piece, I will be framing the canvas and most likely paint the wood a teal color to lighten it up a bit. We will see.  Please excuse the badly taken photos. I used my phone and it is old. The images are much sharper and clearer in person of course.


Overall, I enjoyed the creative process and what this piece represents.


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