Index Card Art Challenge 2020: Part 3

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“To be an artist is to believe in life.” – Henry Moore

The Index Card Art Challenge 2020 is going great and I’m discovering new art ideas just by creating these cards! Today I’m sharing part 3 of this challenge which entails day 11- 19.

There are several challenge days you can choose for this challenge and I chose 100 days. Check out Part 2 post in this challenge HERE, where I include more details of this art adventure.

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Stephanie Hopkins

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2 thoughts on “Index Card Art Challenge 2020: Part 3

  1. Hi Stephanie. I don’t know how people keep up with ICAD. I’m doing good to do ICAW. Wish I could quit my job and create everyday! I love your cards!! I’m looking forward to swapping with you! Big TX hugs, Melisa – Paperlicious Designs

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    • Thank you! It can be tough. I have a routine and method down that really helps me. I collage and use my own handmade collage paper so that really helps me. Also, if you have scraps, this is a great way to use those up. Looking forward to swapping cards with you too!


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