City of Ladies by Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy's Book Cover

Expected publication: October 14th 2014 by Knox Robinson Publishing

Catherine Havens has found herself in a unique position as a married former nun.  She seems to have beaten all of the odds against her and now has possession of the home lost by her mother’s family.  She has a husband and two children, a boy to inherit the property and an infant daughter.  But her husband’s aspirations run to the court, and he determines to get his wife a place with the king’s cast-off daughters.  The younger, Protestant Elizabeth is his target, and to have Catherine in service to her seems to be the realization of his dreams.

But Mary Tudor is still alive and well—and her submission to her father remains a question.  Her presence does not jeopardize Catherine—until she appears at Hatfield House and claims the loyalty to the Roman Catholic faith that still pulls at Catherine’s heart.

Catherine Havens still loves learning.  She loves reading and healing.  She loves her husband and her children.  But she also still loves her old faith, which is now embodied in the person of the king’s older daughter.

What choice does she have—to defy her husband and lose her children and her home?  Or defy the king’s daughter and lose her true self?”

Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy is the author of The Cross and the Crown series from Knox Robinson Publishers. She has published seven books of poems and is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant, a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, and a Virginia Commission for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship.

Sarah Kennedy