Book Review: The Daughters Of Red Hill Hall by Kathleen McGurl

The daughter of red hill hallWhen Gemma discovers a pair of ancient duelling pistols encrusted with rubies in the basement of the local museum, she is immediately intrigued…

On a fateful night in 1838 two sisters were found shot in the cellars of Red Hill Hall. And when Gemma begins to delve deeper into their history she begins to realise that the secrets of that night are darker than anyone had ever imagined.

As the shocking events of the past begin to unravel, Gemma’s own life starts to fall apart. Loyalties are tested and suddenly it seems as if history is repeating itself, as Gemma learns that female friendships can be deadly…

My Thoughts:

The Daughters of Red Hill Hall has dual story lines that weave together wonderfully. This story has a great plot and the pace was perfect. There are some surprises and twist along the way and I found myself emotional invested in the characters. I really admire McGurl’s focus on the relationship between Rebecca and Sarah. She also shows that not everything is what it seems and what resentment and jealousy can do to people. I wondered just how far she would go with this and I was really astounded the way things turned out.

An old case of dueling pistols is brilliant! My hats off to the author.

I’ve rated this book three and a half stars.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review.

Stephanie N. Hopkins