Vintage Haul for Journaling and Crafting

Crafters and collectors who hunt for vintage photos, books, and magazines are historians in their way. They’re the memory keepers of these treasures that were either discarded, lost or simply the families or people who held these treasures are no longer with us.

I am one of those people who has a passion for preserving these items and reflecting moments of history and those who lived long ago. To ponder their story as what it may have been like. We may not know who they were but the love of using their images and belongings in my journals and art keeps their memory alive.

By a wonderful and beautiful chance, I discovered Marie on Instagram who hunts these cherished memories and gives us mere mortal souls an opportunity to acquire these gifts from the past.

Marie’s passion and understanding for the historical value in preserving eras gone by is the inspiration for her endeavors of reselling original vintage photos, books and paper on Instagram and Etsy. Not only does this aid in saving cultures and identity, they are perfect for collectors and crafters to give new life to these precious momentos.  

Marie is also a journal maker and her unique vintage Gothic Victorian style of creating inspires timeless journals.

Today on YouTube, I am sharing a haul video showcasing part of the treasures I have acquired from Marie. To find her weekly sales, follow Marie on Instagram and Etsy.

Link: Haul Video on YouTube  

Marie’s Shop Links:



Sunday Reflections

“History is a kind of introduction to more interesting people than we can possibly meet in our restricted lives; let us not neglect the opportunity.” – Dexter Perkins

Yesterday morning, I posted a page on Instagram I made in my fall journal. The morning air was cool and crisp and the season brings reflections of times past and the people who lived long ago. To ponder their story as what it may have been like. How did they live? What did they witness? We may not always know who they were but the love and opportunity of using their pictures in our journals keeps their existence intact.

Many family’s belongings are lost or discarded and that is sad to say the least. I consider crafters who save these treasures and use them in their journals and their other creations, that give them a new life, memory keepers. By using their images, we are keeping an essence of them alive through their images.

I do not know the lady’s name in the photo I’m using. I can only imagine what her life must have been like. There is a story there.

Today, as I work in another page, I will use another photo and think of the people in the past and wonder what they would think of us today.

Journaling fills one’s soul with gratitude and healing calmness. It’s an appreciation for the old and the newness of life’s journey.

May your Sunday be filled with contentment and peace.

My wish is for you to be encouraged and inspired. God bless.

Stephanie Hopkins