Art in Motion: Analog Collage

The pleasure in the simple designs. Collage Art by Stephanie Hopkins

“Without freedom, no art; art lives only on the restraints it imposes on itself, and dies of all others.”  ~Albert Camus

I’ve previously discussed a little about how to break the barrier of feeling stuck on an art piece you are wanting to create. Today, I’m examining a simple way to find confidence in your art.

In one way, building confidence in your art is taking the opportunity to explore different techniques. Collage is my main go-to way of creating. There are various types of collage and one of my favorites is, “Analog Collage.”

The process is taking cutouts from various sources and put them together to build a new whole. This type of collage ranges from simple to intricate designs. Often times, one’s vision for the collage changes as the image unfolds.

If you’ve never created this form of medium, I recommend starting with an uncomplicated collage. Magazine images are a great place to find images. Enjoy the journey!

-Stephanie Hopkins

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Art in Motion

This post is the first in a series that will explore confidence in your art, expectations, encouragement and finding your style in creating your own master piece.  Today I’m discussing about when you get stuck on a piece and you’re not sure how break down that barrier.

Don’t force the process. If you’re not feeling it, take a step back and examine what you’ve created thus far. Or come back to your piece at a later time. You’ll be amazed when stepping back builds your self confidence in what you are creating. People tend to give up too easily and throw out their art piece and give up. Don’t fall into that trap.

When you come back to it, put aside expectations and enjoy the journey of each layer you add to your art. Be in the present of mind and never doubt the outcome. You’ll learn and grow with each piece of art you create. -Stephanie Hopkins

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