Journals and Ephemera Kits for Sale

On Fridays and Saturdays, I will be selling art, journals and ephemera packs on Instagram. I’ll eventually open another IG account for my products. The journals and ephemera will be sold once or twice a month depending on my inventory. All products are homemade by me. The ephemera packs are great for journals, card making and other craft projects. If you are not on Instagram and would like to purchase an item you see, please email me at and I will reserve your item.

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This weekend Listings:

Small Ephemera Packs with Painting

More pictures will be on Instagram.

Thirty-one pieces in a pack.  

1.2″ x 2″ Original Acrylic painting on Fabriano Watercolor Painting.

Each pack may vary on the images, color and fonts. The pack size it a little over 3”x 5” inches.

Junk Journal Ephemera Paper Kits with Original Painting

More pictures will be on Instagram.

A lot of the Paper dates from the 1920s through the present. I want to include as many decades as possible. There are 51 pieces in this series.

3″× 4″ Floral Acrylic Painting on Fabriano Watercolor Paper/Original Art by Stephanie Hopkins

Each pack varies on the images, colors, paintings and fonts. See pictures for an “example” of what to expect in the packs.

Mini Tags for Art and Journal Projects

More pictures will be on Instagram.

12 Tags per pack.

Each pack varies on the images, colors, paintings and fonts. See pictures for an “example” of what to expect in the packs.

The tags are mini and the sizes vary. There is hand stitching on a few of the tags. Lots of fabric and paper collage on the tags. There is room for a little writing on the back of them.

These tags are sturdy and great for art, craft, gift and journal projects.

Mini Keepsake Journals

More pictures will be on Instagram.

3’ x 4’ Mini Journal.

The size is about a centimeteror a couplebigger- than size mentioned.

The covers are a cross between a soft and hard. They’re sturdy and flexible. Fabrics are on the cover and inside cover, along with a tag and ephemera pieces. There are two vintage papers added to each signature from a children’s book and a music book. There is a little hand stitching on a page.

*At this time, I’m only shipping in the United States.

Stephanie Hopkins

Mini Junk Journal: Part IV

Today is part four of my mini junk journal series. In this series you will discover ways to use recycled materials to make pretty journals without breaking the bank. It is possible to make pretty journals with junk!

I love taking things you would normally throw out and use them for my crafting projects. It’s a fun, creative, rewarding and a cheap way to craft. Junk Journals are books made through found objects, and recycled materials.

I have an insane amount of scrap paper from various craft projects. I’m constantly trying to use them up until there is nothing left to use instead of throwing them away. Well, I have way too many that are little bits of paper that have been recycled many times over. I collected a pile and say them on my desk to either create one more craft with them, or throw them away. I’ve been wanting to make little dollhouse journals for a very long time and thought the scraps would be perfect for this project! Sure enough, they were and these little journals turned out great!

I can’t not express enough how much these little books were fun and rewarding to make. The biggest challenge, will be to decorate the inside pages. This endeavor is a worthy one and will no doubt, show how creative one can be. I did, however, decorate a page on one of the journals to show you how they can look. Of course, there are thousands of ways to do this.

The trick is to fold the papers in half and join them together as a signature. Once you have done this, then you cut to size and added it to your journal cover. Then take paperclips to hold it together so you may start the binding process. I mostly used staples to bind the spin. Then added trim along the spin to cover the stable. Only two of the spins are bind with thread and are shown om my Instagram.

These little journals would make great gifts and they can be used for various reasons. Part five and the final post of this series will be a journal made out of junk mail, and plastic food wrappers and mail packaging!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out my other blog posts in this series. The direct links are provided below.   

Stephanie Hopkins

Mini Junk Journal: Part I

Mini Junk Journal: Part II

Mini Junk Journal: Part III

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September Bookmark Swap

Our September 15th bookmark swap is quickly approaching and I couldn’t be more excited! Our group is growing and I’m always blown away by the raw talent of our members! The bookmarks you see in this post is a little sneak peek at what is to come. This group is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from different places in the world and what a joy it is to receive happy mail to put a smile on your face. There is not a required theme, we just create what inspires us and enjoy the process!

This group swaps bookmarks in the shape of tags and the standard shape. I’m currently accepting US crafters and will open more spots internationally soon.

We are swapping 4 bookmarks a piece. You can not only use them for books, but for your journals and notebooks! I’m also including a bookmark holder, an extra bookmark and extra fun ephemera to craft with in each set going out to our members.

For those who would love to join, you still have a little time to get your bookmarks turned in but, if you can’t get your bookmarks turned in on time, do not be dismayed. Our next swap is in December and we would love to have you join.

The due date for this month is September 15th.

Our hashtag on Instagram: #stephslpbookmarkswap The lp in the hashtag stands for Layered Pages.

You can DM me at my IG @stephsartjourney or email me at layeredpages@layeredpages

My wish is for you to be encouraged and inspired.

Stephanie Hopkins

ICAD 2021 Challenge Part II

On days 6,7,8, I wasn’t feeling the prompts and it was showing. So, I decided to go off prompt. I feel more myself when creating this way. No rules, and no pressure. Just letting go and being in the moment and allowing to go where the movement of the paint brush takes me. Creating art intuitively is my jam.

Day 6 – Canoe: This one really frustrated me. I was having a day…That said, I do like the placement.

Day 7 – Garden Shed/One Staple Collage: I do love the challenge of the one staple collage, so I was quite please with the shed I created using that technique. My only beef was the twist marks I used in the landscape and the landscape itself wasn’t my best. As a whole, I felt lazy with this one and wasn’t putting my heart into it.

Day 8- Umbrella: Despite not feeling this prompt on the day I creating the Umbrella. It’s not a total wash. I do like the abstractness of it and the placement of the Umbrella.

Day 9 – Off Prompt/Mountain Air: So happy with this piece. Definitely more my style.

Day 10 – Off Prompt/Sea Bathing: It’s hot and humid in Georgia. One could use a little sea bathing.This was a fun piece to create. I love the different hues of blues and how they work together.

Day 11 – Off Prompt/Butterflies: I have a thing for butterflies and I knew I wanted to create an abstract background as well. Yep, feeling good vibes with this piece.

Day 12 – Off Prompt/Abstract: I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind with this piece. Such as, being authentic, you matter and you have a voice. Cancel culture needs to go. Loving the colors and textures with this abstract.

Stephanie Hopkins

ICAD 2021 Challenge Part I

I look forward to sharing the rest of this week’s challenge and the following week with you next Saturday! My wish is for you to be inspired and encouraged. -Stephanie Hopkins

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ICAD 2021 Challenge Part I

“It looks like I’m listening to you, but I’m really thinking about the paper I just ordered.” -Funny Quote

I am participating in the 61 Day ICAD 2021 challenge hosted by Tammy @gypsy999 Instagram! Last year, I did a hundred-day challenge independently and this year I was just going to do it on my own again but was encouraged by others to partake in Tammy’s challenge.

This past Tuesday started the annual ICAD Challenge and I usually don’t follow prompts on demand but so far, I have gone with it and have really enjoyed this week’s challenges.

Day One: The prompt for this day was, Contraption. I was delighted with this challenge. I had thought about doing clock gears or something along those lines, but knew that many others would probably do the same. I had this sticker transfer I have been wanting to use and thought the bicycle perfect for this challenge. When bicycles first came about, I can imagine people wondering all sorts of things about the contraption and that it will never take hold or wasn’t ladylike for women to ride them. Ha! Sure enough…

Supplies: Index Card/Ink/Sticker Transfer/Faux Postage Stamp/Dollartree Butterfly/Tim Holtz words/Paper Studio Sticker

Day Two: The prompt for this day was, Snapdragon. The flower is symbolic in a big way and I wrote a poem about it. Alas, I didn’t not share it on Instagram but perhaps I will share it on here at some point. I did have a fellow artist read it, and he really liked it.

I’m an abstract painter so the snapdragons were a bit of a challenge for me to create on a small scale. Though I must say, at least the colors are pretty and the houses give a whimsical feel to the piece. I did doodle paint the sky and doodling is a theme in this challenge. I got a lot of great response with this card.

Supplies: Index Card/paper collage/Acrylic Paint/Ink/Stamps

Day Three: The prompt for this day was, Lyrics.I chose Fall for You – Secondhand Serenade. I was going to go with Fade into You by Mazzy Star when I first read the icad prompt. Her song has such soulful meaning, heart- wrenching depth, and pure raw emotion.

However, after much thought, I decided to go with Fall for You. This song came to my mind while I was painting yesterday afternoon, for various reasons, and it really struck a chord with me for today’s prompt.

Afterthought: I was a teenager when Mazzy’s song came out in the 90s. I’ve always felt her song poetic, her voice other-worldly and everything I mentioned above. Will have to create a special piece in homage of her.

Supplies: Index Card (4″ × 6″)/paper collage/Words/Ink/Stamps

Day Four: The prompt for this day was, Snow Globe.


I have never made a snow globe before and I could have easily just printed out a pattern and paint over it. But I wanted to be authentic and create mine own from scratch. I knew I needed to do a lot of shading on the globe, so it looks like glass and to make it look like you’re seeing through it. I drew a circle and the base separately, then started my painting process. The background of the card is painted grey and I used a stamp for a wallpaper look. I’m thrilled with the outcome and this project has boost my confidence in my craft.

Supplies: Index Card/Snow Globe Sketch on paper/Acrylic Paint/Ink/Stamp

Day Five: The prompt for this day is, Verdigris. I LOVE this challenge. I’ve created using this method and colors before and enjoyed re-visiting the process. Verdigris meaning, “A bright bluish-green encrustation or patina formed on copper or brass by atmospheric oxidation, consisting of basic copper carbonate.”

Supplies: Index Card/Tissue Paper/PVA/
Acrylic Paint -Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber Dark, Teal (Bleu Lagon), and Satin Teal/Distress Ink around the edges

I look forward to sharing the rest of this week’s challenge and the following week with you next Saturday! My wish is for you to be inspired and encouraged. -Stephanie Hopkins

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Art in Motion: Beauty of the Butterfly

Paper Crafting by Stephanie Hopkins

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. -Maya Angelou  

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Art in Motion: Little Things

Paper Crafting by Stephanie Hopkins

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Be sure to check out my art journey on Instagram and at my Mixed Media Art gallery here at Layered Pages! I upload new pictures of my art on weekly basis now in my gallery. My wish is for you to be inspired and encouraged.Have a wonderful weekend! -Stephanie Hopkins

Mixed Media: Rolodex Card Art

I was inspired by a fellow artist on Instagram to create art on Rolodex Cards. When I first saw the artist’s cards, I was quite intrigued with idea. Crafting with this medium was a bigger challenge than I originally thought.  These cards are a lot smaller than the index cards I was working with beforehand. I struggled to find my way in the beginning. After four or so cards completed, my muse awoken!

I’m thrilled with how many of them have turned out and looking forward to crafting more of these beauties. The pictures you see here are among a few of the cards I’ve created thus far.

I did have a few thoughts on what I would do with them but I think I will leave them in their original container. It certainly adds more interest that way.

Which one is your favorite? What is your latest inspiration for crafting and art making?


Rolodex cards, ephemera and images for collage, stickers, acrylic paint, stamps and ink.

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Stephanie Hopkins

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2020 Index Card Challenge: Part 15

Index Card Art

I have neglected to post my completed Index Card Art Challenge until now. I was supposed to share the final outcome a few weeks back. I must explain why I haven’t sooner. When your writing muse awakens from a deep slumber, one must bear down the hatches before the moment passes. What a wonderful writing experience it has been and, I believe it will continue for quite sometime. Forming new writing habits has really helped.

I thought of a couple ways to share my journey in this challenge and one of them was to take a picture of all the cards together and talk about each one. That task seemed a bit daunting to me. Not that I don’t enjoy talking about creativity, mind you. We’re talking about a hundred cards and I believe the previous posts and the art shown speaks for itself.

Today I’m sharing the final (days 96-100) cards. I will link the previous posts down below for you to take a look into this worth-while pursuit. This challenge has taught me a lot about my creative side and has built my confidence further with creating smaller pieces of art and blending brighter colors I had not beforehand.

If you are looking for a new craft to pursue, or you want to challenge yourself in creating daily art, this endeavor is for you.

My next art feature will be about creating art on Rolodex Cards! Now that has been a challenge since the cards are a lot smaller than the index cards.

Stephanie Hopkins

Index Card Challenge Links:

Parts I / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 /12 / 13 /


The Index Card Art Challenge 2020: Part 11

The Index Card Art Challenge 2020 is getting closer to the finish line! Today, I’m sharing part 11 of this challenge which entails day 68-75. On two of the cards you can see that I did some hand stitching. I find sewing on paper soothing as I do with fabric. The act forces you to slow down and be completely in the present.

Most of the materials I am using for these cards are my painted collage papers I make on a regular basis. I’m also using magazine clippings and images from old books for collage. As well as Tim Holtz and other artists ephemera you can purchase online or at craft stores.  Many of these cards will be used for my 2021 Journals. Others I want to either frame for make another art piece out of them using the collage method.

There are several challenge days you can choose for this challenge and I chose 100 days. Check out Part 10 post in this challenge HERE, where I include more details of this art adventure.

Be sure to follow and check out more of my art at my Instagram!

Stephanie Hopkins

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