Musings from the Weekend

The month is August and the heat and humidity in the South is energy zapping to say the least. I can’t wait for Fall to arrive with lovely crisp cool air and vibrant colors of the season. I tend to be more creative in my creative endeavors with cooler weather. Not to say, Sumner doesn’t inspire me. There are many wonderful elements of summer. This past weekend I enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather inside for the most part

Yesterday, I uploaded my latest YouTube video! I shared my latest vintage haul from the lovely Marie and mail from sweet Lori-Ann. Plus, a few ideas I have and what crafty projects I’m currently working on. My energy is somewhat picking up because I know Fall will be here soon and the projects, I want to begin are endless!

Yesterday was also a beautiful day for breaking dishes! What?! Yes, that’s right. I break dishes. I have quite a few mixed media mosaic projects in the works and I need enough material in front of me to begin without having to stop to look for more material at thrift stores. Have you noticed how high the prices are at thrift stores now? Yikes! I’m having to get really creative and use what I have on hand. No complaints about that though because it’s a great challenge for creativity and I love to up-cycle.

I’m also doing a little reorganization in my craft space. That has been an ongoing project. Dare I say, it never ends? I added two of my paintings- at first- I made in the background as a prop. Then I added a third painting and rearranged the jars because it wasn’t feeling right. The third painting is a tree and the jars are blocking the tree trunk. It’s actually a pretty cool painting. I painted the blue vase you see with paint, watered down glue and paint! I need to add another layer, me thinks. I love DIY projects. The vase is glass and it is from the Dollar Tree when everything in the store was still a dollar.

Reorganizing helps with finding inspiration. If I had a choice, the walls would be white. Maybe one day. I’ll show the rest of the shelving once I get it the way I want it to look. It feels great to organize and move things around for a fresh look. Sometimes that’s all you need to feel one with your space.

Be sure to check out my ebay store! I have a lot of new items listed and more to come!

I have rambled long enough! My wish is for you to be encouraged and inspired. -Stephanie

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2020 Index Card Challenge: Part 15

Index Card Art

I have neglected to post my completed Index Card Art Challenge until now. I was supposed to share the final outcome a few weeks back. I must explain why I haven’t sooner. When your writing muse awakens from a deep slumber, one must bear down the hatches before the moment passes. What a wonderful writing experience it has been and, I believe it will continue for quite sometime. Forming new writing habits has really helped.

I thought of a couple ways to share my journey in this challenge and one of them was to take a picture of all the cards together and talk about each one. That task seemed a bit daunting to me. Not that I don’t enjoy talking about creativity, mind you. We’re talking about a hundred cards and I believe the previous posts and the art shown speaks for itself.

Today I’m sharing the final (days 96-100) cards. I will link the previous posts down below for you to take a look into this worth-while pursuit. This challenge has taught me a lot about my creative side and has built my confidence further with creating smaller pieces of art and blending brighter colors I had not beforehand.

If you are looking for a new craft to pursue, or you want to challenge yourself in creating daily art, this endeavor is for you.

My next art feature will be about creating art on Rolodex Cards! Now that has been a challenge since the cards are a lot smaller than the index cards.

Stephanie Hopkins

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