St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Book Bundle Giveaway

St. Pat Day Book Giveaway 2018

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Book Bundle Giveaway for American Residents!

The giveaway ends Sunday night and one lucky winner will be announced Monday morning US Central Time! Best of luck!

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Funk It Up Portraits


For custom made portraits and more about Klais Designs, contact Chad Klais at

About Artist:

KalisTechnology today has taken over with digital printing and vinal, and as an artist, I have always taken pride in the “old school” way of painting and drawing.  I grew up in a small farm town in Wisconsin and I have been drawing, and painting portraits since I was five years old.  My Grandfather, Leslie “Chick” Klais is an established artist and owned his own sign company for 50 years. As my Grandfather saw my talent he took me under his wing and I began to expand my craft. For the most part, he has taught me everything I know.  Before computers we would actually hand letter trucks, windows and signs.  As an adult, I started my own sign business for 20 years.  I realized I just wanted to do the art. Funk It Up Portraits is something different.  A touch of the perfect portrait “funked up” a little bit. -Chad Klais


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Four-Legged Stool

One legged stool

Alfred began dabbling into in family history and dabbling grew into an obsession, and he published several genealogical summaries of his ancestors. Find out more about Alfred’s work at the Four-Legged Stool website.

About Alfred Woollacott III:

Alfred W

Alfred Woollacott, III retired from KPMG after a career spanning 34 years, choosing to reside full time at his summer residence on Martha’s Vineyard. Being “45 minutes from America” and with a 50 – 60 hour per week void to fill, he began dabbling into his family history. His dabbling grew into an obsession, and he published several genealogical summaries of his ancestors. But certain ones absorbed him such that he could not leave them. So he researched their lives and times further while evolving his writing skills from “just the facts ma’am” to a fascinating narrative style. Thus with imagination, anchored in fact and tempered with plausibility, a remote ancestor can achieve a robust life as envisioned by a writer with a few drops of his ancestor’s blood in his veins.

When not writing, Al serves on several Boards, and keeps physically active with golf, tennis, and hockey. He and his wife of 44 years, Jill, have four children and ten grandchildren.

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Novel Expressions Blog Tours

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If you are a Jane Austen fic Fan and have a blog, please get in contact with me! Thanks! My email:

Stephanie M. Hopkins

Novel Expressions Blog Tours



Launch Your Book The Right Way

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Many Literary Small Presses do little to no marketing for their authors before book pre-launches or after the books are released. That leaves the author to do their own promoting and often times they find themselves with limited resources to do so or the know-how. L.A.P. it Marketing LLC offers several book launch and book promotional packages and will also work with the author to tailor their promotional needs at an affordable rate. Why not give us a try? Contact us today to find out more about how to become a client and what we can do for you. Email us at:
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The Mega Giveaway for Self-Publishers

Follow your dreams (1)

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Giveaway Package: 

PRIZE #1: Book Doggy Preferred Placement Promotion (3 WINNERS)

Three lucky winners will each receive 1 Preferred Placement eBook Promotion through Book Doggy. The Preferred Placement Promotion allows authors to massively promote their free, almost-free or new release ebooks through, various social media pages, and the BookDoggy email newsletter.

PRIZE #2: Lulu Press Proof Copy (2 WINNERS)

Hey there, author! here. Just the first digital print on demand self-publishing company in the game. Have we got a prize for you! Two winners will each get a coupon code good for 1 free proof copy of their book! Just head over to, upload your manuscript, publish your book, and enter the code at checkout!

PRIZE #3: Archangel Ink Digital Formatting Services (2 WINNERS)

Archangel Ink is offering two authors digital formatting services for their manuscripts, worth $325. We’ll format your finished manuscript (up to 35k words and a dozen images) so that it translates seamlessly across all viewing platforms and formats, and will include MOBI, EPUB and digital PDF finished files. These will be ready to upload to the channel of your choice.

PRIZE #4: LAPitMarketing Service Package (2 WINNERS)

L.A.P. it Marketing is offering two authors free service package worth $220. The package includes: A profile page at the L.A.P. it site for three months, an exclusive interview at Layered Pages, and marketing your brand on 2 social media platforms of your choice for an entire month.

PRIZE #5: Indies Unlimited Book Cover Consultation (2 WINNERS)

Award-winning novelist and photographer, author of over 30 titles, and administrator of, K.S. Brooks is offering 2 winners a free book cover consultation. Give your book cover the much-needed time and attention it needs by learning from an indie publishing veteran.

PRIZE #6: The DIY Publishing Course (1 WINNER)

Get exclusive access to the upcoming release of The DIY Publishing Course, an in-depth step-by-step guide taking you from the fundamental first steps to advanced strategies and tactics. Hosted by YouTube channel host Dale L. Roberts, one lucky winner will get access to The DIY Publishing Course worth $350.

*Only 12 winners will be drawn for one prize each. No purchase necessary. Not redeemable for any cash value



L.A.P. it Marketing Giveaway Announcement

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As many of you know, I started a marketing firm for Literature, Art and Photography. Over at the L.A.P. it Marketing Facebook Page I will be holding a fantastic giveaway starting on February 1st. Several of my clients will be contributing to the giveaway and we would be delighted to have you enter and share about what’s to come. Please follow L.A.P. it’s Facebook for exciting content and giveaways!

Stephanie M. Hopkins

Giveaway Package to one lucky winner:

$25 Amazon Gift Card

A Set of Handmade Bookmarks by Stephanie M. Hopkins

A 5×7 Vintage/Abstract on mix media paper by Stephanie M. Hopkins

8×12 Print Photo of Edinburgh Scotland by WSM Photography

Print book: Heart Soul & Rock ‘N’ Roll: A Mid-Life Love Story by Janet R. Stafford

Print book: The Immigrant by Alfred Woollacott III

Print copy of The Believers In The Crucible Nauvoo by Alfred Woollacott III

Kindle edition of Owen (Book one of The Tudor Trilogy) by Tony Riches

300 Writing Prompts Journal

My Heart Is Like A Singing Bird Quotes to Color book


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